Nicholas P. Laurent


Nicholas P. Laurent

Nick Laurent is a partner in the Austin office of Barron, Adler, Clough & Oddo, PLLC where he exclusively represents landowners in eminent domain, inverse condemnation, land use, and real property transactions and litigation. Nick has represented landowners in all phases of the condemnation process, including pre-suit negotiations, in special commissioner hearings, before state and federal trial courts, and on appeal before Texas intermediate appellate courts and the Supreme Court of Texas.  His clients range from individual landowners and ranchers to publicly traded Fortune 50 companies, franchise and independent hotel and restaurant owners, family offices, mineral owners, nationwide and local real estate investment trusts, self-storage owners, churches and large religious institutions, commercial, industrial, residential and multifamily developers, international real estate investors, multinational corporations, and other large institutional entities.

Nick’s eminent domain and real property rights practice extends across the state of Texas, from El Paso to Beaumont and from the Panhandle to the Rio Grande Valley, in addition to cases in Oklahoma, North Dakota, Virginia, Georgia, and Colorado.  He has represented landowners in eminent domain matters pursued by the federal government, the State of Texas, regional mobility and toll road authorities, most major Texas counties and several rural Texas counties, every major Texas city, all of the major oil/gas pipeline and midstream companies, all of the major electric transmission providers and rural electric cooperatives, municipal utility districts, special utility districts, water authorities, water districts, and other condemnors.  His broad experience covers a variety of real property takings, including road and highway projects, oil/gas underground pipeline easements, oil/gas pipeline surface sites, electric transmission line easements, underground water and sewer pipeline easements, above ground water tower takings, raw water intake facilities, drainage easements, inundation easements, railroad acquisitions, border wall takings, flood levee projects, and the acquisition of billboards and billboard ground leases.

In addition to handling statutory eminent domain matters, Nick has litigated the breadth and scope of utility easements on behalf of landowners in injunction proceedings following upgrades and other projects and has pursued inverse condemnation claims on behalf of landowners as well as claims under the federal “Big” Tucker Act and the Texas Tort Claims Act.  He also represents landowners in contested cases on power line routing before the Public Utility Commission of Texas and the State Office of Administrative Hearings.

Prior to joining Barron, Adler, Clough & Oddo, PLLC, Nick was a partner with McGinnis, Lochridge & Kilgore, LLP in Austin where he practiced commercial litigation, including eminent domain, real property and land use, partition matters, oil and gas matters, business disputes, secured finance matters, bankruptcy matters, and complex multiparty receivership matters in state and federal courts both in Texas and elsewhere.  While practicing at McGinnis, Lochridge & Kilgore, LLP, Nick represented clients in several appellate matters in state and federal appellate courts and presented oral arguments before the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit in New Orleans and the Texas Third Court of Appeals at Austin.

Nick is a member of the State Bars of Texas and North Dakota and has been admitted to practice in the United States Supreme Court, the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth and Eighth Circuits, the Federal Court of Claims, and the United States District Courts for the Western, Eastern, Southern and Northern Districts of Texas. He has been appointed Vice-Chair of the Land Use and Environmental Group of the American Bar Association’s Section of Real Property, Trust and Estate Law for the 2022-2023 term and previously served as Chair of the Condemnation Committee for the 2018-2019, 2019-2020, 2020-2021, and 2021-22 terms as well as the Vice Chair of the same committee for several prior terms.

As a frequent author and lecturer on eminent domain and condemnation issues, many of Nick’s papers and articles have been published in legal journals and cited and referenced in numerous other journals and scholarly publications.

In his free time, Nick can be found spending time with his wife and young son and daughter or on the golf course, usually losing more golf balls than he cares to admit.

Educational Background 

Nick graduated with a B.B.A. in Finance from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas in 2005. He attained his law degree in 2008 from the University of Tulsa College of Law in Tulsa, Oklahoma where he graduated with highest honors, served on the Energy Law Journal, and was awarded the Order of the Curule Chair, the Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation Joe Rudd scholarship and the Energy and Mineral Law Foundation scholarship.

Speaking Engagements/Media

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  • Author and Speaker, A Day in the Life of a JOA- Selected Daily Operational Issues, South Texas College of Law 2011 Energy Law Institute (Houston 2011); Published 25 TEX. OIL & GAS L.J. 1-7 (2012).

Community Involvement

Nick Laurent is a member of the Real Estate Council of Austin and the Oil, Gas & Energy Resources Law Section of the State Bar of Texas.

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