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El Paso Landowner Fighting TxDOT To Buy Back Land At Fair Price

May 21, 2021 Posted in Industry News

After receiving just compensation from the Texas Department of Transportation in an El Paso eminent domain dispute in 2017, two local Texas property owners are now fighting to buy back their land at a fair price.

The land was taken by TxDOT for a deep pond construction project in El Paso that has since been cancelled, and the business owners are now seeking to buy back the land for the fair value – less the legal expenses incurred in the original litigation when the land was taken by TxDOT, to avoid losing money in the process. This dispute is an example of how Texas eminent domain lawyers can help landowners facing eminent domain action fight for adequate compensation.

Read more about this El Paso eminent domain case from KTSM 9 News:

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