Entergy Texas Inc. Proposes New 130-Mile Transmission Line in East Texas

June 17, 2024

Photo courtesy of Entergy Texas Inc.

Entergy Texas Inc. (ETI) has announced plans to design and construct a 130-mile transmission line, named the SETEX Area Reliability Project, in East Texas over the coming years. This significant infrastructure project will span seven counties, beginning in Montgomery County and concluding in Newton County. The proposed line could potentially affect hundreds, if not thousands, of property owners within a right-of-way up to 225 feet.

Community Engagement and Project Development

In an effort to engage with the community, ETI has sent letters to potentially impacted landowners and hosted several public meetings in early May. Despite these initial steps, the project remains in its early design phase. It is subject to further modifications and environmental analyses that will be influenced by ongoing public feedback.

ETI has scheduled another open house for Tuesday, June 18, at the Polk County Commerce Center. This event will provide additional information and an opportunity for public input. Feedback will be accepted until June 25 through this questionnaire.

Project Timeline

The route for the SETEX Area Reliability Project will ultimately be determined by the Public Utility Commission of Texas. Following their approval, property owners within 500 feet of the proposed route can anticipate receiving initial offer letters between mid to late 2025. If the project adheres to its proposed timeline, the new transmission line is expected to be operational by the end of 2028.

Property Owners’ Rights

Affected property owners are entitled to legal representation and fair compensation for any portion of their property that may be condemned for the project. Those who believe their property might be impacted by ETI’s SETEX Area Reliability Project can contact experienced attorneys at Barron, Adler, Clough & Oddo, PLLC to learn more about their rights.

Blog Resources

For more information and to view an interactive map of the proposed project, please visit the project webpage here and check out the article linked below.