TxDOT Releases Final Decision for Central I-35 Expansion

September 1, 2023

On Aug. 21, the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) released the final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and Record of Decision (ROD) for the $4.5 billion I-35 Capital Express project. This means that the environmental assessment is officially completed and right-of-way acquisitions will begin soon.

Additional right-of-way for the latest design updates will not displace more property owners beyond what has already been announced, but 54.1 acres of additional land will be acquired for temporary construction storage. The right-of-way acquisitions will result in 111 total displacements:

  • 59 commercial properties
  • 51 residential properties
  • 1 currently vacant property

The plans will demolish a number of well-known Austin businesses including Star Cafe, two CommUnity Care clinics, and four historic city landmarks: the Austin Chronicle offices (formerly known as the Elgin Butler Brick Company), Haster House, Dura Tune Service Station, and Roberts House and countless other well-known businesses.

An eminent domain attorney can help you gain fair compensation as TxDOT’s right-of-way acquisitions begin

TxDOT will provide impacted property owners with information on next steps, relocation assistance, and TxDOT’s opinion of compensation owed for the taking. TxDOT’s relocation agents will help determine needs and present a list of other available options for those displaced. Displacees will have several months notice before relocation is required.

It is important for property owners and occupants to understand the types of financial compensation and other assistance that may be available to them:

  • Homeowners and tenants may be eligible for assistance with moving costs, down payments, and other incidental moving expenses.
  • Small businesses may be eligible for additional benefits.
  • Medical facilities may be eligible for reimbursement toward medical licenses and relicensing fees.
  • Billboards and other sign advertisements may be eligible for specific relocation expenses.
  • Historical buildings are to receive additional community engagement opportunities to create a thoughtful framework for preservation efforts such as any interpretive projects along the expansion corridor.

An expert lawyer can help landowners navigate central I-35 eminent domain and condemnation and secure fair value. Impacted property owners do not have to accept TxDOT’s offers as the final say. Talk with an attorney at Barron, Adler, Clough & Oddo, PLLC to better understand your rights during the central I-35 takings process.